To save our Nation; Yes or No!

Honorable Senators and Congressman

I am thankful for all our leaders that have the courage to stand against the tide of a government that has no checks and balances.

It seems that our transformed America under this administration can only be called honestly, a Strange Country closer to a Socialist State Government than what was the intentions of our forefathers.

Therefore the evidences and the fruits of this administration by law is guilty of impeachable offenses and our leaders have no choice but to filed and convict those who are guilty.

If our Judges are bought out and those who have the power to impeach and prosecute are in the hands of this anti constitutional agenda then they must be removed or this country will fall.

Jesus said a house divided against itself shall not stand.

This Congress cannot let them retire and walk away, no person is above the law, if you break it then you must pay the consciences.

If enforcing the Constitution is not true anymore than our nation is no better than all of the corrupt nations and we are longer the Light for this world of the three God given inalienable rights which are these Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

We have sinned our leaders have turned away and closed their eyes and have allowed our country to fall into great danger which there is no excuse.

The people of American have become proud and told the only True God and His only Begotten Son we do not need you anymore by replacing God with the god of evolution and humanism in our public Educational Institutes for the last fifty plus years and therefore we are reaping what we have sown.

Our country has been cursed by the True God and his only begotten Son. Our walls have been torn down by our enemies, our word is stench in the eyes of the world, and we are hypocritical nation with no moral compass and are driven with the winds of falsehood.

Now if we see the error of our way there can be hope; if we turn around and correct the situation. This will take great Courage and Faith towards the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Leaders must show themselves worthy of this great task entrusted to them.

The Holy Bible must be the source for Godly direction for us to see the error of our way so we can follow the path to point this nation towards God as our forefathers did.

I understand that every man must be fully persuaded in his own mind and this is the individuals freedom to receive him or believe some other way. He has the same choice as Abel or Cain.

My suggestion would be to put all our public education back into the hands of the parents and no central government intrusion. If they wanted prayer and pledge allegiance, if they wanted corporal punishment then they have the right to educate their children the way they believe. If they want the Bible as the text book for all wisdom then they have that right. You can have other schools but the public schools will follow the principles that this country was founded upon.

My other suggestion that must be changed is the term limits of our Congress and Senate and Judges. We would no longer have such a thing as career positions as our leaders. They must go back and live with no other benefits than a normal working man. By doing this they could not be bought out and if it was proven, they would be release immediately and charges of impeachment would to filed. I would also be in favor that the Senate would be appointed as originally when the Us Constitution was accepted as a further safe guard.

My other principal would dis bar the Federal Reserve and only Congress would have the power to coin money and a balance budget amendment would become law.

My other principal, the power of the executive branch would be limited and define and could not become an evolutionary living power but would be as dead document as the US Constitution was clearly define by our early for fathers of this great nation. The checks and balances would be verified and if any branch became more powerful then when it was setup it would be strip of those powers immediately and brought back into check.

My other principal would deal with Congress and the Senate that no bill could be made law that went in opposition to the US Constitution as Senator Cruz purposed on the Senate floor and was rejected.

One of the Best kept secrets from this world is found in the Holy Bible. Greatness follows Humility.

John the Baptist said he must increase and I must decrease.

We must pray for God’s wisdom and be obedient and faithful to the great responsibility entrusted to us by the people of America that elected us. But first to the US Constitution which we swore to uphold and protect.

Lastly all those who are in the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branch who refuse to abide by the doctrine of the US Constitution as only a dead document that does not change, but follows a evolutionary concept in the process of time our US Constitution law changes to adopt to modern society they are not worthy to hold any office because this is opposition to the doctrine which our country was founded upon and supported by the history of the birth of our Great Nation.

These men were well educated and had wisdom that surpasses the wisdom of the men of today because they believed that they were just men and the wisdom of God was not to be question.

Pleased let me know yes or no should this letter be sent to our Senators and Congressman. I believe that every citizen of the United States of American should write and give your voice about how you feel in a respectful way but firm. I love my country and I love God and his only begotten Son. I only want what is best for this nation as our for fathers made very clear in the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the spirit of the Federalist Papers. There is nothing new under the sun, the same dangers that they faced are the same dangers we face today and they addressed them that man is only man and truth will always prevailed against evil. Our nation was establish on the Fear of God, Morality and Justice with a tender heart of Mercy and Compassion to help our brother or sister in hard times.


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